Eco-tourist places around the world

Tourism in harmony with nature

Ecotourism has great respect for the natural environment and cultural heritage. Tourists of this kind would like to spend holidays in beautiful surroundings, without disturbing the natural ecosystem.

The Galapagos Islands
Also known as Turtle Islands, they lie in the Pacific Ocean. The archipelago consists of 13 large islands, 6 smaller ones, more than 40 small islands and nearly 30 rocks that emerge from the ocean. All of them are of volcanic origin. Territorially, the whole archipelago belongs to the Republic of Ecuador. The islands did not separate from any mainland, but emerged after the eruption of undersea volcanoes. It's still one of the most seismically active regions in the world, and the islands still migrate, moving even a few centimeters every year.

Masai Mara
Part of the Serengeti National Park, which is located in north-western Tanzania. Masai Mara is a gem of wild, African nature. Nowhere else on the continent there is such a variety of animals. The area is inhabited by animals called Big Five of Africa, namely: African savanna elephant, leopard, black rhino, lion and buffalo. The best time to visit the park is September, because in this month you can see migrating animals. Herds of antelopes and zebras move from Tanzania into Kenya in search of food. This is the only place in Kenya where the migration of animals occurs.

Palau in Federated States of Micronesia
An island nation located in the Pacific Ocean. Palau country is a true wonder of nature. You will not find any other such place on Earth. These islands are built of volcanic rocks and coral reefs. Palau created the world's first so-called shark sanctuary and totally prohibited catching these animals in its waters. Palau archipelago lies in the place where the great ocean currents of Pacific meet. As a consequence, the marine fauna here is rich like nowhere else. What is important for tourists - there are no poisonous animals or insects on the archipelago.

The Azores in Portugal
It is an archipelago of nine islands, considered the greenest place in Europe, which has been granted Platinum Quality Coast Award 2014-2015 for its ecological benefit. These volcanic islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean, attract tourists with their naturalness. This archipelago is very wild and natural - only 5 percent of it area is urbanized.

The state located on the Atlantic Ocean in Northern Europe, belonging to the Nordic countries. Iceland dynamically develops ecotourism. Enthusiasts of geology, volcanoes, glaciers and geysers come here to watch volcanic and glacial activity of the island. Animal lovers choose cruises in order to observe whales and cetaceans. The country is fully committed to the protection and invites visitors who want to see its natural wealth.


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