Romanian serpentines

Dozens of turns, perfect road surface – at the same time the second highest located mountain route in Romania

Can the national road of any country become a tourist attraction? In case of this route - definitely yes. It is the Transfagarasan Route, which runs through the highest peak of the mountain range of Romanian Carpathians. Built in the years 1970-1974 for military purposes, it has asphalt throughout the entire length.

It is best to cover the route from south to north, which will provide us with much better views. Before entering the roadway, on the left side of the road on a hill, there are the ruins of the Castle Poenari. It is worth first to visit the property of the original Dracula-Vlad III the Impaler.

South entrance is not as attractive as the northern part. It abounds in inconvenience, easier to overcome by a motorcycle than a car. The road leads through the forest and along the way the streams flow from time to time. In order to reach the other side, we must pass through several tunnels that are unlit and the daylight enters there through tiny holes.

Once you reach the top (2034 m above the sea level), you can see a lot of snow on the roadside. And then extends the view that moved numerous fans of travel, automotive industry and the famous presenters of the British automotive program Top Gear. What brings them all there? Dozens of turns, perfect road surface and the opportunity to test their abilities on the narrower and wider turns. Not everyone can drive there by Lamborghini, Ferrari and Aston Martin, some of the best automotive brands in the world, as well-known hosts of the program did. But I can assure that every driver, travelling by a technically efficient car, will feel the adrenaline while travelling this route. Not without a reason it has been acclaimed, unofficially, one of the best roads in the world.

During the construction of the road, about 40 soldiers who participated in it, died. About six million kilograms of dynamite were also used.
The tunnel in the highest point is closed from November to April, due to adverse weather conditions, snow and strong wind. In the remaining months it is really worth to see this place.

Author: Anna Maliszewska
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