Niagara Falls & Marineland Canada

Amusement park and zoo in one

While visiting the eastern part of Canada, everyone usually plans to see Niagara Falls. No wonder - this place is really impressive. You have to see the greatness of this phenomenon for yourself. We can also buy a ticket for a boat that sails very close to the waterfall. Yes it is beautiful there, but it is not yet everything in this place that’s worth a visit. Whether big or small, everyone at least once in a lifetime should visit Marineland in Canada.

This amusement park and zoo in one will be an unforgettable adventure for everyone. Located on a huge area, it offers plenty of attractions. Beginning from various roller coasters, many smaller carousels for children, to the dolphin shows, and even feeding the animals.

Yes, feeding the animals - many would say that in this way we can harm them - nothing could be further from the truth. Next to every species, no matter if these are bears or deer fawns, there are primarily employees of the park, as well as booths with food that you can buy to feed the animals. This is an incredible fun for kids, but adults will also be having a great time. Bears waving to visitors, asking for food, amuse everyone. They certainly know how to drag attention. We can feed there not only terrestrial animals. Bottlenose dolphins enjoy great popularity. We can approach them and give them food. Here restrictions on feeding are even greater. At each station there is a worker, to which we can approach and he will instruct us on how and what to do. He also decides how long a dolphin can be fed and replaces for those not yet full. It is really worth to stand in the queue.

It is a place that everyone should see. The dose of positive energy guaranteed for a long time. But you have to prepare yourself that it will not be only relax ... an area that you have to walk there, can be felt in the legs.

Author: Anna Górka
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