BULGARIA – Promenade in Golden Sands

While walking the Promenade, we can admire beautiful views …

While planning vacation, holiday leave or rest, we often look for distant places. We think that mega exotic holidays may be only somewhere far away. Nothing could be further from the truth. Golden Sands in Bulgaria is an excellent place for spending holidays and relaxing.

In Golden Sands a special meeting place for tourists, called Promenade, has been created. A place that is pulsating with party atmosphere at night and during the day it is a place for peaceful walks for tourists. While walking the Promenade, we can enjoy beautiful views of the beaches, we pass by various pubs, restaurants and cafes, as well as places where everything can be purchased at an affordable price. At night the promenade lives club and entertainment life. A lot of nightclubs and discos open here. The Ferris Wheel, open round the clock, or a restaurant resembling the Eiffel Tower made the promenade the place to be recommended for those who plan to spend their holidays in Bulgaria.

Author: Dominika Brysk
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