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PACKING SUITCASES Added: 29.08.2016 How to best use the capacity of a suitcase
How to prevent losing photos Added: 24.06.2016 Observing a few safety precautions may significantly reduce the risk of losing precious files.
AEROPHOBIA – fear of flying Added: 31.03.2016 What is its cause and how to fight it?
Best suitcase for air travel Added: 20.01.2016 What criteria should be taken into consideration when buying a suitcase?
How to keep the skin healthy in summer Added: 21.07.2016 In the warmest months the human skin requires particularly careful handling.
How to feel rested on a vacation and not sleep too long Added: 26.05.2016 Longer does not necessarily mean better. To make the most of sleep, it suffices to remember just a few tips.
Recipe for successful holiday pictures Added: 13.03.2016 Taking good pictures on vacation does not require having the latest SLR camera with a large set of lenses.
Comply with local customs Added: 20.11.2015 You will not be allowed in a temple if you're dressed inappropriately.
What to include in the holiday first-aid kit Added: 21.07.2016 A travel medical kit is one of the few pieces of luggage that merit turning a blind eye to weight and size.
Flying with animals Added: 19.04.2016 If someone decides to take their pet on a plane, it is important not to put off buying the ticket until the last moment.
Flying with children Added: 14.02.2016 If planned well, traveling with kids can be an enjoyable experience
Traveling by plane during pregnancy Added: 20.11.2015 The best time for traveling by plane is the second trimester.
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