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Family holiday is always a dilemma. Where to go to relax and to provide the children entertainment, which they will recall with a smile on their face all year round? Below is a list of 10 water parks that can help you in choosing the destination.

Slide and Splash, Portugal
It is the largest water park in Portugal, located in the Algarve, in the western part of the country. Aquapark is situated on the surface of 16,000 acres. The attractions are divided into adults and children. For children there are many attractions, such as the dragon "breathing out" water, slide in the shape of elephant's trunk and tunnels to slip. However, for adults, there are much higher and faster water slides, blue and black hole and the so-called spin. The ticket for adults is € 26 and for children 19 €.

Aqualand Saint Cyprien, France
It located in France, in Saint-Cyprien. It is divided into 4 sections: Adrenaline, Children’s World, Family Fun and Chill out. As it is easy to notice, the first one is dedicated to adults and you can find there such attractions as Niagara Falls, Black Hole, Wave. For children pools with shallow water or slides imitating those for adults are prepared. The common zone consists of beaches, the river Congo and jacuzzi. Tickets cost 25 € for adults and 17,5 € for children.

Water World, Cyprus
Waterpark in Ayia Napa in Cyprus. The motto of the park is "Where Myth Becomes Reality". You can find many attractions here, whose names are taken from mythology, such as the fall of Icarus or Labyrinth of the Minotaur. Those who prefer a lower dose of adrenaline will be pleased with Lazy river, where they will drift on the “tires” floating on the water moved by ocean currents. Do not forget the children's area, where we will find small water slides, fountains and water sprays. In 2004, the Water World received 4 awards for safety and cleanliness. Price per adult, over 13 years old, is € 38, per child between 2 and 12 years old the ticket costs 24 €.

Aqualandia, Italy
For 9 years, the water park has been ranked number one among the thematic water parks in Italy. It's like a Caribbean island near Venice. It is situated on 80,000 square meters, and you can find something for everyone there. The complex comprises 26 attractions, including Tower bungee jumping. For children there is "fun land" and the crazy river for adults. You can also take part in such activities as Aquagym or Aquabike and children can learn in circus school. For adult we will pay € 30, for child up to 1.4 meters height 26 €.

Istralandia, Croatia
Istralandia offers swimming pools, which not only provide refreshment but also a lot of fun. Whirlpools, pools with water current, owing to which you always move forward. For the children there are safe and shallow pools. In the section "slides" we will find the so-called "sea hole" or "crazy hill", and for smaller users there is a pirate castle. The cost of such fun for adults - over 1.4 meter tall will be 30 €, for children below 1.4 m tall the entrance costs 26 €.

Atlantis Water Park, Turkey
Atlantis Water Park in Turkey Atlantis water park is located in Marmaris and is situated right by the sea, owing to which it has a private beach for visitors. It is the largest among the aqua parks in Turkey. It contains more than 25 water attractions like water slides, swimming pools with wild river and a relaxation area. This perfect combination will make your stay memorable. An adult ticket costs € 11, child € 7.

Aqualandia, Spain
Aqualandia has 15 water slides on its territory, tailored to all age groups and different levels of adrenaline. This Spanish water park has the highest slide in Europe, and the highest capsule "up - down". The motto of the park is “fun, enjoyment, adrenaline and safety”. The parent entering the park will pay 36 €, a child between the age of 4 - 12 28 €.

Aquopolis, Spain
In Aquopolis Torrevieja there are attractions for everyone. Fans of adrenaline have one zone for themselves with high and fast water slides, and for those who want to relax, there is the jacuzzi and many leisure pools. For the youngest there is a mini park, mini slides and enchanted lake. Adults and children over 1.4 meters tall will pay 25 € for the admission to the park, below that limit 20 €.

Aqualand, Greece
Located in the heart of Corfu, it began its "career" in 1995. Since then, every year more and more new attractions have been added. Free beach chairs and umbrellas, changing rooms and showers, high quality food and free parking. This is what the water park offers in addition to standard attractions. The guests are supervised by lifeguards, who also care about people with disabilities. Attractions for people of all ages, you will not get bored here all day. Fun in the Greek water park will cost 26 € for those over 13 years old and children between 5-12 pay 18 €.

Water Park Rhodes, Greece
Built on the eastern coast of the island, it is located on 100,000 square meters. It offers a great selection of water slides and other water attractions for every age group. Extremely fast, open or closed slides, Black Hole are just a few of the attractions that can be found in the water park. Adults entering the park will pay 22 €, children 15 €.


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