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Our TOP of airlines serving the most tasty meals during air travel

You can eat well both on the ground and in the skies, on the board of a plane. Increasingly, in addition to the travel comfort and safety, the airlines also care about the taste. Skytrax, the leader in the air transport studies, presented the ranking of airlines, where we will eat the most tasty, in first class.

Air France
On board of the first-class you may choose the meal from the menu card, composed specially for Air France. It has been prepared by the chefs of the restaurants awarded Michelin star. Menu "A la Carte" offers a wide range of meals, from Asian cuisine to fresh seafood.

These airlines care about their customers and their culinary tastes. The menu also includes vegetarian and vegan dishes. During long-haul routes you can expect traditional dishes for the country to which you are going. Every two months the chefs, talented and rewarded, change.

Etihad Airways
In the first class of this carrier we will eat a meal at a private table. The menu is inspired by fine dining restaurants, where both food and atmosphere are important. After the meal, the coffee and cognac are served in the relaxation area with comfortable sofas.

Singapore Airlines
Before the trip you can choose and book yourself a meal through the service "Book the Cook".  All meals and recipes have been prepared by chefs 
from the International Culinary Panel. All meals are low-fat 
and tasty, prepared for customers flying first class.

Qantas Airways
Neil Perry is a chef preparing a gastronomic offer on-board of Qantas airline. You can compose the eight-course tasting menu of the 12 meals included in the menu, and try a variety of meals based on fresh and seasonal products.  A selection of wines available for guests of the first-class also gains awards.

You can meet "star" chefs not only in traditional restaurants, but also in those flying ones. Excellent, sophisticated meal during the flight immediately relaxes and makes the trip more pleasant.


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